About Me


A native of Wisconsin (go Pack, go!), I spent my high school years in Kansas City before heading to college at Smith in Western Massachusetts and then grad school at the University of Chicago. After an Arabic-language fellowship abroad, I moved to DC with just a suitcase and old faithful, aka my beloved, meaty cat, Bubba. Four years and two more furry friends later, my fiancé and I are thrilled to call the DMV our home, and look forward to making more memories here in the years to come.

Of my varied interests and hobbies, loving animals has always been an integral part of my identity. I wish I had a nickel for all of the times I returned to my house as a little kid, covered in scratches because I was tending to the neighborhood strays, or for all the times my mom scolded me for taking another Tupperware to fill with food or water just in case a lost puppy needed some fuel. And I’ll never forget the day my family brought home our first dog, a rambunctious and loyal red Siberian Husky. My bond with Clancy at a young age made me realize just how important pets are — how they become a part of the family.

Over the past decade, my love of all critters has led me down many avenues, as a dog walker, an employee at dog daycares and boarding facilities, and a volunteer at area shelters. I’m proud to say that Washingtonians have relied upon me as their friendly neighborhood dog walker for two years via apps and freelance opportunities, and now I’m beyond excited to build a local, independent, community-centered business with one goal: For you to have peace of mind while your pet is under my care.